QDRO Consultants Co.

About QDRO Consultants: 

QDRO Consultants is the nation's most experienced and expert administrator and drafter of legal orders dividing pensions and 401(k)s in divorce. The company is in the process of moving into a new, much larger, corporate headquarters in Medina. It currently handles over 1,500 major corporate clients. QDRO Consultants offers the country's top experts in the field. From its ranks have come seven of the leading legal textbooks in the field and the most experienced courtroom experts in the country.


But it is not just the country's leading subject matter experts on QDROs, it is also the country's leader in developing the country's best QDRO servicing model. That model relies on top-flight technology and software systems coupled with the "human touch." The company encourages plan participants, spouses, their legal representatives and other parties to contact our dedicated team members for help at a most difficult time for people. By being as close as a phone call it alleviates some of the anxiety (and much of the costs) accompanying divorce. Because QDRO Consultants hires bright, caring, analytical people who receive the best training in the field it has grown rapidly in this employee benefits niche market.