Bayard Advertising

Stress has no business in a job search. Not in 2018. At any given time 5 million jobs or more are open. The modern era calls for smart solutions and advanced tools that empower jobseekers and employers with insights, authenticity and that secret ingredient we call ‘brand’ that helps create dream jobs and great fit candidates. With over 90 years of growing and innovating, we continue to focus our energy where it belongs — helping great companies find great people. As technology reaches further into our toolkits and dashboards we’ve kept pace and often lead. We chose to be an Agency, honing our skills in branding, innovating in media like programmatic buying and never losing sight of service. We don’t make software platforms. We don’t subcontract or white label ATS and HRIS solutions. We’re an agency, end to end and proud of the expertise we’ve been able to develop by being focused, staying smart and always looking to learn.