Tallgrass Talent Group

The mission of the Tallgrass Talent Group is to attract and retain the highest quality, best trained, most reliable people for promotional events and merchandising work both in and out of store.

How do we do this? First, we start with our proprietary “Talent Channels”. We don’t categorize our people by just asking them to “check a box,” instead we begin by asking all potential new hires to self-select from among 16 different work categories where they have experience and interest in the job. Then we pre-qualify each candidate by asking a few category-specific questions to help better understand their foundational knowledge required for the role. As an example, if you want to work in electronics just choose to join that category and share with us your knowledge and past work experience. If you don’t want to work in electronics, just select any or all of the other 15 channels – it is that easy. Additionally, we pre-screen each applicant for previous work experience so that we know more specifically which candidates have the best background to fit the category. All of this data, along with additional information on certificates or training achievements like food safety, are then logged into each candidates profile within our database.

These extra steps help to ensure we are providing people that are interested and knowledgeable about the jobs they are executing. This, in turn, leads to a better work experience, a higher quality product and ultimately a higher consistency and volume of work.