Relay Foods

Relay Foods is an online farmer's market and grocery store committed to giving consumers greater access to local, fresh, sustainable food options. Our central mission is to make eating quality, healthy and sustainable food simple. We hope to accomplish this by educating individuals and families about the food they eat, creating connections between producers and end consumers and bringing food to easily accessible locations. Relay Foods' mission goes far beyond a single financial bottom line – we seek to offer a service that will strengthen local food economies and improve the quality of life of each family and individual we serve.

Relay collaborates with more than 100 local farms, artisan food makers, and quality food brands to provide shoppers with convenient access to the best local edibles and everyday staples. The selection includes fresh local and organic produce, free-range meats, and gourmet items, alongside a comprehensive selection of everyday groceries, all offered at competitive prices.

Ultimately, Relay Foods seeks to create and support a robust, thriving local food economy in each market it serves by creating simple access to fresh foods grown and produced by local farmers and artisans. By providing a broad, efficient market for local producers, it will make high-quality, fresh ingredients just as accessible and affordable as the processed factory foods that Americans eat today. By changing the overall dynamics of how people access food, Relay also hopes to significantly reduce the overall carbon footprint of the industry by removing unnecessary food miles that separate consumers from fresh foods.

Relay Foods became a certified B Corporation last year, which had been a critical goal since our company's founding, as it provides us with an unique opportunity to examine the strengths we have already developed and to identify social, environmental and economic goals we can work toward as a value-based company. We also sought certification as a means of interacting with like-minded entrepreneurs and corporations to develop triple bottom line solutions together in a dynamic and ever-changing food economy.