Phaneroo, LLC

Phaneroo, LLC is a Colorado based start-up that was founded by myself and two other West Point graduates with valuable leadership experience and qualifications in Lean Six Sigma– a method used to improve and streamline business processes. 

My team and I are looking for entrepreneurial minded, hardworking and motivated individuals interested in helping develop the next big thing on the internet.


We are looking for developers/programmers and UI/UX designers who have experience in PHP, Ruby on Rails, Java, database design, Google Maps/Earth API, software development, and graphic design.

Interns accepted will get hands on leadership experience and learn what it takes to start an online business from the ground up. They will be working close to the people involved with starting the business and getting it off the ground. It will also allow interns to see the inner workings of actually starting and growing a business and the opportunity to network with fellow entrepreneurs and venture capitalists/investors. Moreover, selected interns may have the opportunity for part-time employment after the internship is complete and the fall semester begins.