Pick6 Magazine

Pick6 Magazine (pick6mag.com) is currently an online blog working towards our debut print magazine in the coming months. We cover all things related to football (college and professional) and we incorporate a little entertainment (product reviews, movie reviews, "Hottie of the Week" where we feature one female every Wednesday, etc.) mixed in to keep things interesting for our readers. We have amassed a large and loyal following of readers on the website as well as social media (Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook). Our goal is to create a fun and interactive forum for football fanatics to get the newest updates in the world of football that aims to be more fun and opinionated than your average sports news source. We want an Esquire-meets-Maxim-meets-ESPN feel to our company.

We are seeking an intern to fulfill the position of our web designer/IT guru. We have already established a working and running website through Wordpress - we now need someone who is skilled and well-versed in how to use Wordpress and knows a little about web design as far as aesthetics and user-friendliness are concerned. Our main concerns include the following:
-We need to adapt our website to be user-friendly on all types of devices (tablets, smart phones, and computers)
-Our website needs to be converted to a mobile site that users can view when on smart phones
-Need someone who can offer insight and brainstorm ideas on how to enhance and alter our site to attract more viewers and to meet all needs/wants of readers once at the site
-Critical and honest opinions welcomed in regards to what needs to be altered about our site to make it the best it can be

If you are interested in this position, we will offer college credit towards your schooling and provide any paperwork or information necessary and required by your institution. Your "work" schedule will be determined by you and we are willing to be flexible in your hours based on your needs and availability. You would begin the position right away upon being accepted and the internship will last as long you are available and willing to do so. Please send an email inquiry with a resume to pick6magazine@gmail.com if you are interested in this position.