Rilean Construction

With over twenty year’s experience in the South Island, Rilean Construction has built a reputation synonymous with quality and innovation.

With our global wide impact, We have setup (2) Service location in the United States,  Along with having a strong standard branch to serve for the whole of East Asia and beyond.

We are recognised as a key performer in the delivery of all types of construction from new builds to re-builds, from high-end residential to commercial projects. With our service office in Virginia promoting concrete buildings and companies all around Hampton and Manassa area , We are dedicated to delivering the best just for you.

In 2011, we opened offices in Addington to apply the expertise we’ve gained from over two decades of award-winning construction in Queenstown to help with the re-build in Christchurch.

Our team brings invaluable expertise, particularly in meeting challenges, such as construction on difficult hill sites prevalent in both regions.