Project Independence

Who We Are

Our Mission

Project Independence’s mission is to promote civil rights for people with developmental disabilities through services which expand independence and choice.

We Believe

  • People with disabilities have a right to fully participate in the community and that participation both enlightens and strengthens the community.
  • It is important to listen to the hopes and dreams of the people we serve, focusing on the individual, and presenting those services in a dignified and respectful manner.
  • That by listening to the hopes and dreams of people we serve, we can help them realize those dreams and lead fullfilling lives.
  • Having a job, friends, and home of your own are all intrinsic to a healthy, happy life.

Who We Help

At Project Independence we have worked for over 40 years to serve hundreds of people throughout Orange County build lives of true independence even when challenged with developmental disabilities.

With the help of our wonderful community partners and employers we work from an “Inclusive Model.” Through Supported Employment, Independent Living, and our Daytime Programs, our community grows stronger by including all who hope for a happy and independent life. A life of achievement, accomplishment and inclusion.