Akraya Inc

AKRAYA is full of vim. Fun. Deliberate chaos. And a bunch of totally dedicated folks who wake up every day wanting to come to the office. It doesn’t get better than this at a professional services firm. AKRAYA grows by hiring larger than who we are, and these hires in turn help us push the envelope. We are ambitious. We are capable. And we are capable of reaching our ambitions. With a y-o-y growth of 40 percent, $100M annual revenue is a few years away. Our clients trust us. Our consultants believe in us. Our employees are laser-focused on empowering both to succeed.

We have perfected recruiting into a fine-art. A beautiful performance where every player synchronizes perfectly with each other—every time, anytime. As a nationwide staffing services firm, we are able to work with clients across the U.S. and bring every requirement to a successful engagement.

We are community-conscious, sensitive to our environment, and devoted to human causes. We believe every human being has a right to clean air, water, food, and education without clauses. Each of our employees hold one or more social causes dear, and is empowered to contribute time, company-matched resources, and effort to them.

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