Lil' Iguana's Children's Safety Foundation

The Lil’ Iguana’s Children’s Safety Foundation is a non-profit children’s safety foundation that uses prevention programs to save children from abduction, sexual abuse, child predators, and serious accidental injuries with award-winning, proactive, music-based programs that are designed specifically for children ages 2 through 8 so they will retain crucial safety messages.

Lil’ Iguana uses educational and proactive teaching mechanisms to ensure children stay safe throughout their childhoods.  It has been proven that children learn from interactive, music-based programs; this is why Lil’  Iguana is so effective.  Lil’ Iguana’s music driven programs keep children engaged so they can learn countless safety lessons they will remember for the rest of their lives.

The Lil’ Iguana’s Children’s Safety Foundation has created several programs over its 18 year existence  to keep kids safe.  Some include, Lil’ Iguana Live!Lil’ Iguana’s in-classroom programs, the award-winning “Be Smart, Stay Safe” educational DVD, the Emmy award-winning television series, as well as other safety educational products.