American College Development Soutions (ACDS)

American College Development Solutions (ACDS) is an international organization dedicated to the development of junior athletes into College-bound student-athletes, helping to expand their academic, athletic, personal and life skill-sets, while guiding them towards their ultimate goal of joining the ranks of the NCAA.

ACDS is proud to be an Official Partner of the American Junior Golf Association (AJGA), which stands as the gold standard of junior golf worldwide.  ACDS lends its name to the ACDS Junior All-Star Series, the collection of AJGA events for players ages 12 - 15 and a primary focal point for College coaches.  ACDS and the AJGA share a mission to help junior golfers achieve their goals of playing College golf and earning College golf scholarships.

Since 2012, ACDS has pioneered student-athlete development in Asia, an initiative that is forecasted to double the number of NCAA-bound junior golfers from China by 2018.