Certus Staffing Solutions

Certus Staffing Solutions was founded in July 2007. In opposition of the typical framework of "big box" agencies, Certus set out to establish a place in the industry as recruitment professionals who focused more so on quality of recruitment, instead of just quantity.

Because employees can affect the bottom line of an organization, financially and operationally, Certus understands the importance of providing candidates who will generate value, can increase productivity, and who show tremendous growth potential. However, we also believe that the employee/employer relationship should be mutually beneficial and satisfying. As such, we take the required time to meticulously consider the needs and wants of all parties involved, when determining if there is a possible candidate to client match.

The result of such consideration is an ideal and solid partnership from which success and growth can be fostered.

Also notable is that each of Certus' Recruiters is a specialist within particular industries and/or sectors - dependant precisely on their professional experience, certifications/designations, and areas of expertise. Unlike some other staffing companies whose employees recruit generally without specific attention to a niche market, our Recruiters are true specialists in their given field. This enables our Recruiters to better source and identify qualified candidates, with ease and accuracy.

Another factor that sets Certus Staffing Solutions apart from the competition is that we take every opportunity to exchange feedback with our clients. We deliver truly personalized attention, which is rarely seen and is a sign of true dedication to customer service. While the speed and efficiency of recruitment is of significant importance, maintaining a positive and lasting relationship with our clients is the true key to our success.