Agora Inc

For the ancient Greeks, the center of social activity was the Agora, a lively marketplace where people came not only to buy and sell goods, but also to meet to exchange news and ideas. That same philosophy is what drives AGORA Inc. 

We’re a holding company for various publishers of financial, health, travel and special interest books and newsletters — each offering ideas, information and insights you can’t find anywhere else. 

Some of what we publish is very practical — such as how to get the best price for an airline ticket or how to best manage arthritis pain. Other topics are rather abstract — such as man’s relationship to the state, or how monetary policy affects our lives. But all of these messages have something in common. They all celebrate the virtue of thinking independently and taking responsibility for your own life. 

AGORA Inc. launched its first publication, International Living, from Washington, D.C., in 1979. It was — and still is — a simple newsletter about travel and retirement. But today 100,000 subscribers around the world are now familiar with this flagship publication. 

And our ideas only grew from there. Today, AGORA’s companies publish more than 300 books and 40 newsletters, reaching 1 million readers from around the world. We’re now based in the historic Mount Vernon district of Baltimore, running our business out of a collection of 19th century mansions. By offering a wide range of ideas on an innumerable list of topics, we’re proud to say the ancient Greeks’ idea of the Agora lives on — at AGORA Inc.