ALTRUIS Indonesia

We are published on July 17, in 2012, is non-profit organization designed to recruit qualified European and world-wide university students and graduates for professional internship and voluntary programs with our hosting organization located in Sukabumi - West Java - Indonesia. The projects not only assist and support the building of an educational world to achieve the very best standards for regional schools/university/company to grow in the respect of the progressive learning and understanding as well as international friendship through cross-cultural activities, but also make opportunity for interns or volunteers in cooperative business projects and offer local products from our organization to global companies or business organization for sustainable projects. Our Internship - voluntary projects is a fantastic opportunity to be a responsible intern or volunteer, make a positive contribution during volunteer's stay at schools / university / companies or host organization.


The Indonesia Altruis has many partners either local or national ones. It is not only appointed by TOPSII Ednovation International as the partner of International Education & Career Services, Corp. – America, but also registered ( for English Centre Sukabumi) as an Official TOEFL Score Recipient in Educational Testing Service (ETS) America. In Internship – voluntary Projects, our organization expanded its hosting organization to include a wider range of institutions / schools / universities and companies in almost parts of the location. Either interns or volunteers would reach much easier relatively to obtain new challenges because they are firstly guided to familiarize them selves with the culture, lifestyle, language, people, food, attitude, habits, environment and work scope prior to get in charge of. After initiating orientation days, intern or volunteer, for example, will teach/tutor English or be an instructor or assist in keep with intern or volunteer’s proficiency at a local school or business partner for local company projects. Intern or volunteer will be placed in a our local host organization, where intern or volunteer will have the possibility to give a positive input into the life of the Indonesian students, teachers, or company staffs in Sukabumi. It could help sustainably comprehensive development to their careers for better future.


English Teaching, Communications and Interpersonal Skills, Intelligence, Enthusiasm, Flexibility, Leadership, High-Energy Level, Maturity.

Experience Required:


This Program is open to:

American, European, Canadian, Australian and Worldwide Participants.


That Internship -Voluntary assignment not only have to be teachers on our teaching projects, but also your role in our organization practices and communicates what ability and experiences you have in accordance with your expertise. You could help our organization promote local products to your clients or our business partner in your country or to around the world through work mechanism you have understood of communication, collaboration, and professional development. Promote intercultural understanding and international friendship through the project activities. At the schooling projects, interns or volunteer only assists the implementation of Individual Education Programs for students and help monitor their progress. Provide support for individual students inside and outside the classroom to enable them to fully participate in activities. Support students    with emotional or behavioral problems and help develop their social skills. Providing guidance and advice to students on educational and social matters and on their further education and future careers including information about sources of more expert advice on specific questions.

•Cost in US$:  USD 500 - 800 (3 months)

Please remember that ALTRUIS Indonesia is a non-profit organization that does not receive government funding or private donations. All fees paid by volunteers and public donors are used to cover administrative and development costs, the recruitment process, assistance with immigration and legal matters, airport take and pick-up arrangements. We strive to keep these fees as low as practical to enable more people to actively participate. The Placement Prices applicable in participating in ALTRUIS Indonesia Internship or volunteering Placement Programs now read as follows.

• Placement Prices:

The Placement Price covers all ALTRUIS Indonesia costs, including administration and development costs worldwide where necessary. No part of this goes to fund any other organization.

               Placement Price:

               Intern placements US$800

               Volunteer placements US$500 each

Application Process Involves:

• Completed application form

• CV, including a digital photo of yourself

• Passport copy

• Evidence of visa (if applicable)

(Please be aware that without these documents, you may experience a delay in the application process).                                                                     

*You will be contacted by email or by phone last within a few of days (2-3 days), we will inform you whether your application into our program has been successful or not.
*We will begin placing for a suitable host company for you after your arrival decision (as advised in form).

• Letter of Agreement (organized by us)

Written Application                                                       The completed registration/application form (Details such as passport numbers for passports being re-issued can be sent later). The Volunteer's CV or Resumé Form is the one of the key ways that we get to know you, and helps us select suitable placements for you. Once you have agreed upon a placement, your CV is sent to your potential host to introduce you before you arrive. In many cases volunteers 'live in' with host families. The personal information helps hosts to recognize your suitability as a volunteer, and helps them to assign tasks that you are most likely to enjoy. Therefore, it is very important that you provide as much personal detail as possible to include information about your hobbies and interests, your background, education and aims for the future, etc. This will help us (and your hosts) to gain a better understanding of your personality and skills, and so to select suitable placements for you.



* Placements: Placements provided accommodation for volunteer or intern consist of Boarding House or host family without charge. Recommended arrivals for airport pickup from Jakarta airport. All flight times acceptable. Facilities of 1 bed room, bath room, food 3 times a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner), Internet access by wireless, Washing and Ironing, phone (if needed), TV, Transportation to work place. Our hosting organization will locate either intern or volunteer housing, identifying transportation options to/from the location, providing social and community activities, and other miscellaneous benefits. In areas where host employer does as much as possible to assist the interns or volunteers in locating suitable housing. You may also receive assistance in finding your own accommodation and food that suits your budget. It is either collected by ALTRUIS Indonesia on behalf of the host organization or paid in cash (in the specified currency) upon your arrival as set out in your detailed program.

Placements are a standard minimum of 2 weeks (Volunteer), Maximum of 6 – 10 (months) where mentioned. If the placement length changes from what is listed, the longer or shorter length will be indicated in your suggested program. The Placement does not change no matter how long the placement may be agreed to be by the intern or volunteer of ALTRUIS Indonesia and their Host

* Others:

Travel Costs: Participants could be relatively responsible for all travel costs. This includes travel to a location within your placement country that is serviced by public or private transport. This is where you will normally be met by your placement host. If a special meeting is needed (ie Airport Transfers), then the host may require their costs to be covered by the incoming intern or volunteer.

* Travel Insurance:

To meet ALTRUIS Indonesia’s obligations to our Placement Hosts, ALTRUIS Indonesia/s volunteers or interns are required to have Health and Accident Travel Insurance that will cover medical and evacuations costs.

* Incidentals:

Interns or Volunteers should ensure that they have adequate funds as general spending money, as well as access to reserve funds in case of emergency. The Suggested Program can only recommend what you should take with you.

Altruis Foundation Indonesia’s Mission Statement:

a) To bring Schools / Universities / Companies in West Java – Indonesia together for the advancement of international education, intercultural understanding and friendship. b) To extend support to any member institution seeking assistance for any justifiable cause. c) To promote intercultural understanding and international friendship through the activities of its members; to develop regular, on-going in-service opportunities for administrators, teachers and students within the region. d) To cooperate with other non-member organizations and individuals in the region pursuing the same objectives. e) To collaborate with similar associations and organizations. f) To broaden the dimensions of education and cooperative business. g) To facilitate communication and cooperative action between and among all member schools / Universities / Companies. h) To promote understanding and international friendship through the activities of members. i) To encourage the better exchanges (especially in fine and performing arts, environmental issues, sports and forensics). j) To collaborate on professional development within the AFI region. k) To support international, national and regional networking.

We wish you all the best to participate on our organization.