Blaisjoel Memorial Gallery

My name is Micheal Darrah I saw your posting on Craiglist and want to let you know that I am looking for a reliable and dependable virtual Assistant/ Representative who will be working from home and whose primary assignment will be handling retail purchases, data entry and customer services (DOES NOT INCLUDE SALES NOR MARKETING AND DOES NOT REQUIRE YOU TO MAKE ANY FORM OF INVESTMENT, NOR GIVE ME YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION OR DO ANYTHING ILLEGAL). This is a part-time, long term and home-based job that requires emailing, book keeping, filing, photocopying, processing of invoices, and assists with special projects as assigned. I am looking for a business relationship that will make you more like a partner/ stakeholder than my employee. I am offering to pay $300 weekly (Payment will be made every Fridays) for a start with no benefits and of course the gallery will bear all cost. But I hope to add benefits and retirement in the near future as the business expands. Experience in this kind of job or field is an advantage but not compulsory, as your involvement in this venture will be very limited for now and you will get more involved gradually over time in order to give room for you to learn. However I expect you to possess the ability to handle multiple tasks, be a team player, must be able to work independently with little supervision and not afraid to ask questions. This job requires that you have a computer connected to the internet, a contact phone and a printer (optional). You will probably have to set up a home office(Not compulsory though). I know this might not be the kind of job you are looking for, but I just ask to know if you might be interested in this challenge. If you are interested, please send me an email signifying your interest as well as your previous work experience while I will provide you with detailed job description and more information about the job and also how to meet for interviews. Your email should becopied or sent to this email address is linked to my tablet computer and I can respond back promptly. I look forward to receiving your response. -- Sgt. Micheal Darrah