EnovaPremier of Indiana, LLC

Our Mission

EnovaPremier’s mission is to provide value-added assembly services of superior quality with reliable delivery at an acceptable price.


Company Profile




EnovaPremier, a certified MBE (Minority Business Enterprise), is a global leader for tire and wheel assemblies. Tire and wheel assemblies are our core business, which allows us to provide high value-added higher-tier services. EnovaPremier continues to examine other automotive pre-assembly functions to fulfill the growing needs of our clients. Our pride is based upon an ability to seamlessly integrate with our client’s supply-chain systems, allowing improved productivity and quality. By relieving manufacturers of the tire and wheel assembly function, EnovaPremier helps them to improve the cost control of complete tire and wheel assemblies, open floor space for more productive use, and consolidate suppliers through a single higher-tier company.

We currently operate automotive tire and wheel assembly plants in Alabama, Indiana, Kentucky, and Michigan. Our major customers include General Motors, Hyundai and Toyota. EnovaPremier was founded in 2007, and incorporated the assets of a major tire & wheel assembly company that had been in business since 1995. The company is headquartered in Louisville, KY.