Horizon Technology

The chance to work with a team dedicated to your professional success doesn’t come around often. Horizon Technology has created a workplace environment where executive management is focused on opportunity, empowerment, development, and engagement of their people. A recent study found that nearly 80% of those employed by Horizon would recommend Horizon Technology to a friend as a great place to work.
Horizon’s goal is to hire those who can embrace a culture of tenacity, passion, performance and initiative while maintaining a keen sense of relationship building and team work. Does this sound like you?
Horizon Technology supports the material demand for the world’s largest electronic manufacturers. Through a complex relationship between supply, production, service, and planning your consumer electronics make their way into your home and with warranty support you can trust – Horizon Technology plays a critical role in that system. Horizon contends in an ultra competitive marketplace, but continues to capture market share through a commitment to quantifiable customer benefits and continual improvement. For more information visit www.horizontechnology.com