Coast 2 Coast Soccer

This internship/co-op is for college credit and also pays 11.00/hr

You will complete a four-hour training session with a Regional Manager, where you will learn how we incorporate STEM with soccer, learn a variety of educational games that we play with the children, and familiarize yourself with our coaching process. After, you will attend a few sessions with a senior coach to learn how to implement what you have learned from the training session. The goal is to be able to run coaching sessions without the Regional Manager and our senior coaches. Eventually, we would like you to train potential coaches on site and provide feedback on these candidates.

We work around your schedule. You would be able to pick and choose the times that you work. There is also potential to become a full-time employee, provided positions are available. 


  • Locations: we partner with many schools within a 30-mile radius of your campus.
  • Provided:  A four-hour training session with the Regional Manager and equipment
  • Start date: we are recruiting for positions right now for the spring semester.
  • Days and times: typically 12-1 and 3:30-5 

Students will work in close contact with a Regional Manager. The student would also have the opportunity to contact the company owners and ask any questions they may have, whether it is about day -to-day tasks or future employment opportunities. Students will: 

1) Gain experience working with children, have the opportunity to design lesson plans and help educate children about STEM; 

2) Learn how to recruit students from many different colleges to coach with us; 

3) Train and interview new coaches; 

4) Learn how the public school system operates; 

5) Learn how to communicate with the principals; 

6) Gain valuable work-experience;

7) Gain access to an inside look into how the sales team and operation team function and much more! 

8) Help with low-income schools in the community