Virtual Financial Group

 Revolutionary Virtual 50 State Business System & Back Office with 24/7/365 Trainings, 2 Live Weekly Webinars, Cutting Edge Tools, Recognition & Support


  • Build a 50 State Financial Services e-agency which is not limited by our own time and effort
  • One which is professional, compliant, streamlined... and IMMENSELY profitable!
  • Be a part of a 5.4 Trillion Dollar Industry
  • Earn a great income by simply driving traffic to your replicated websites
  • With our proven e-system and formatted emails
  • We will answer your prospects questions
  • We will sign them up under you
  • We will complete the sale for you and follow it through so you can be paid
  • Our e-System with you as the Financial Inviter
  • and Your Financial Manager will Close reps and clients for you
  • and Your Financial Adviser will do the rest so that you get paid on average $700-1200*
  • for a referral as we help you build your own Virtual Agency in Financial Services.
  • Revolutionary Products

    There is a revolution in the Life Insurance Industry
    The reality is that if this living feature was better known or better explained, more people would buy a life insurance policy, not just for the death benefit, but for the "Living Benefits" in case you live... at no additional cost.

    The odds are staggering 70% of all Americans will experience a heart attack, stroke or cancer by age 65 and over 25 million Americans will survive a heart attack, stroke or cancer this year!

    Highest Commission Payouts
    In this economy you must be loyal to your family and receive the highest commission available for your efforts and earn the income you deserve!

    24/7 Access to Training & Support
    With today's busy schedules we do not always have time to drive to meetings every week so we have developed a schedule of live webinar's we record and post online and a refined library of the very best training and tools for your success available to you 7 days a week 24 hours per day from anywhere you can connect to the internet.