ecoWise Holdings Limited

The name of the company is ecoWise Holdings Limited

Founded in 1979, ecoWise Group is a Singapore based renewable energy and integrated environmental solutions provider, which is principally involved in three major businesses namely, Resource Recovery, Renewable Energy and Provision of Integrated Environmental Management Solutions. The Group is listed on SGX Catalist. 


The Group has over 30 years experience and has developed to become one of the main industrial and urban waste recycler in Singapore. Our businesses covers waste collection, disposal, processing and recycling of industrial, urban and organic waste. 

ecoWise emphasize on growth through research and development. By combining in-house development and collaboration with research institutions and strategic partners, ecoWise is able to provide customized waste process and recovery solutions.


The Group has been active in the renewable energy sector since 2004. ecoWise invest, develops and manages economically attractive renewable energy projects that yields environmental, social and economical benefits to the local community that it operates. The renewable energy arm also seeks to invest into technology based companies that have technology ready for commercialization.

The geographical focus of the business is on regions of high potential and need for sustainable renewable energy, in particular United States of America, China and Southeast Asia.