Animaker Inc.

Why Animaker?

Empowers you to make your own videos that are creative, easy to create and affordable. Next time you are asked to present, try Animaker for FREE @

How does Animaker help?

Create exciting videos in 3 languages: English, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese. Provides 1000+ pre-built characters, icons, layouts, themes, templates, 3000+ maps & callout text from the top 50 languages. Download FREE video making guide:

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What is Animaker? Animaker is an award winning, patent pending, DIY, SaaS based video creation platform on cloud.

How many use Animaker?  ½ Million+ subscribers from 180 countries.

Who uses Animaker? Startups, Topic Presenters, Graphic Designers, Teachers, Website Designers, Storytellers, Trainers, Content producers & Sales Executives.

What videos are being created? Infographics, storytelling explainer, sales presentation, VC pitch deck, personal branding, training & educational assignment videos.

How much does it cost? Please visit

Competition: When compared with competition, it takes only a fraction of the time to make videos on Animaker. Create videos at only 1% of the cost of using agencies.


Listed: 1 of 9 Fantastic Content Marketing Tools under Budget – Huffington Post - March 2016

Nominated: 1 of 75 hot startups to watch - TheNextWeb Summit – Amsterdam – April 2015