The Dog Wizard Academy

Our Professional Dog Training School Philosophy

At Dog Wizard Academy, our philosophy is simple: we take pride in showing our students how to make a dog's life better through training. We believe it is possible that any student, given the tools they need and a bit of passion, can create a successful career doing what they love; running a profitable dog training business.

It has been said that those who become a dog trainer can save more lives than a veterinarian. The fact is, more dogs' lives end when they are put to sleep because of behavioral problems -- not because of a medical problem. This sad statistic proves how rewarding a job it is to help a dog overcome its aggression, enabling them to learn how to become more social, and interact with other dogs. Imagine how it feels to help a dog overcome separation anxiety, allowing its owners to go out for an evening without fear about how their dog is coping. Think about how much fun it can be to teach a dog a new skill, like being "off leash reliable", so that they are allowed the freedom to explore their surroundings in off leash environments.

We Help Dogs And People Live Better Lives

While learning how to become a dog trainer is a very important aspect of running a successful dog training business, there is another crucial aspect we teach at our dog trainer school: how to actually run a successful business. Once you learn how to train dogs, you'll need to present yourself appropriately, so potential clients see you as a professional who can offer them an important service they need.

While there are many excellent professional dog training schools, our school stands apart. Why? Because we offer support to our graduates by providing them a solid plan for their success. We offer the tools our students need to feel confident in their ability to train dogs and operate a dog training school. When you graduate from Dog Wizard Academy, you'll leave with everything you need to start marketing your own dog trainer business.

Enjoy Long Term Success As A Professional Dog Trainer

Are you ready to enjoy the freedom and happiness that comes with earning an income doing what you love? We have shown graduates of our dog trainer school how they can become a great success, running a dog training business that earns three to four times the average for professional dog trainers. Let us show you how to build the career of your dreams as a dog trainer.