Team Gaming LLC

I am looking for people to start clubs on (TP) and join the poker team events starting this Sunday.


There will be prize pool for any teams of 10 are more.  FREE – SUNDAY FRIENDS FAMILY FUNDRAISING.

I am looking for associates to help start the teams. The team leader will be able to earn income on TP Sales and Advertising in TP.



TEAM POKER® ( (TP) is looking for Associate Partners: individuals willing to start POKER TEAMS/ CLUBS and register them on for competition of Local, Regional, Country and World Championships. A minimum of 10 players per Club Team required.

All poker play on is USA legal marketing model with free, fee and subscription products that TEAM OWNERS can share in the profit of sales for their TEAMS.

Individuals and Team can play for free and TEAM POKER® will overlay cash and other prize pools to increase competition. We want to develop a community of like minding gamers for fun, potential of large prize pool and profit.

Individuals or organizations that start poker teams/ poker clubs, own the rights to the club, including marketing rights for their location.

This is a chance for those who like gaming and poker to get involved on the ground floor of this new concept and paradigm in poker. Please visit our site and contact me if you are interested. We will be focusing on Sunday


Glyn Ottofy

Owner CEO of Team Gaming LLC

Skype: glyn.ottofy2