Enviroshake, Inc.

 In 1998 our company set out with a mandate to create a technologically advanced product to fulfill a market niche in the roofing industry. Today that vision lives on as, the Enviroshake® and Enviroshingle®.  The Enviroshake® is a composite roof shake that authentically emulates the look of a natural cedar shake, and the Enviroshingle® is a composite roof shingle that authentically emulates the look of a natural perfection cedar shingle. Both products competes in the specialty/premium roof markets. Enviroshake® Inc. is a leader in the composite roofing market, and there are no other composite or synthetic products available today that can rival the combination of our products’ look, quality, and durability. In 2009, the company underwent new ownership and was renamed Enviroshake® Inc. Enviroshake® Inc. continues to grow steadily, and plans on staying in the fore front of the composite roofing market for a long time.