Unisys Corporation

Student Employment

Your Future Starts Today

At Unisys we look forward to offering student employees exciting “real world” internship and/or co–op experiences. Our internship and co–op programs are key components of our business growth strategy. We offer exposure to innovative technology and professional and social networking opportunities.

The Unisys student employment program gives high–potential students from leading colleges and universities the opportunity to complement their academic studies with on–the–job training.

Student employment opportunities include:

  • Cooperative education programs
  • Student internship programs
  • Foreign exchange traineeship program, AIESEC

Career Portfolio

A Career Portfolio is the on–line functionality of Unisys University that contains your personal development and training information. Your Career Portfolio is a dynamic career development tool that is personal to you and secured so only you can access it. Through your career portfolio, student employees can access not only courses but also performance objectives.

Performance Objectives

All student employees set performance objectives with their manager through the career portfolio. The objectives are used as a tool to help guide student employees through their role/responsibilities. At the end of employment with Unisys, managers will evaluate the performance objectives. This tool helps to provide continual feedback from managers.

Student Employee Evaluations

At the end of employment with Unisys, students are asked to provide feedback on their internship/co–op experience with us. We want to know how we are doing, and understand the best way to find out is to ask someone who has firsthand experience.

Year Round Positions

Unisys offers full-time and part-time year round opportunities.

Competitive Compensation

Unisys offers a competitive salary to technical and non-technical student employees.

The types of assignments you’ll work on will provide you with practical experience and skill–building opportunities in your chosen field of study.

We look for undergraduate and graduate students with outstanding academic records, excellent communication skills, and leadership capabilities. International applicants who are authorized to work in the U.S. are encouraged to apply.