Overtime is a media company, which includes a free iPhone app for creating and sharing sports video highlights, ranging from high school to the pros. Based in NYC, Overtime’s main partner and investor is a leading sports and entertainment agency that represents Cam Newton, Serena Williams, LeBron James, Ronda Rousey and many other pro athletes. Previously, Overtime’s team created other #1 ranked apps (like Draw Something) with hundreds of millions of downloads worldwide. 

Overtime's student job opportunities are high value, flexible time commitment and include exposure to: digital media, app development, business, marketing, community management, event planning and much more. Schedule (and duration) of the role will be based on availability and interest of people selected.

No experience required. We're seeking responsible, hardworking, sports fans interested in any/all of the following fields:

•    Digital Media
•    Sports / Entertainment
•    Journalism / Videography
•    Business
•    Marketing / Social Media
•    Community Management
•    Tech / App Development

NOTE: Our app is currently available for iPhone or iPad only. Android users can apply but preference is for iOS users.

Your tasks could include one or more of these tasks: creating 15-second sports videos on Overtime's app; attending local events to capture highlights; sharing content on social media; planning contests/giveaways; reaching out to local student athletes; event planning for students and sportswriters; brainstorming potential partnerships; plus a variety of other projects.