Nepali by TDM Design

Where fashion meets sustainability.

Affordable, high quality, natural, eco-conscious scarves.

During a 2007 visit to Nepal, founder Michelle Baldwin discovered inspiration. Surrounded by the skill of the Nepalese women weavers and the luxuriousness and vibrancy of the natural fibers, she knew she had stumbled upon something amazing. In a combination of social sustainability, fashion, and quality the Nepali by TDM accessories line was born.

Nepali by TDM works directly with a team of women in Nepal.  Nepali works to support them with above-market compensation, access to healthcare, and scholarships for the education of their children in order to help break the cycle of poverty. Michelle believes that income generation opportunities and support for social values enhance and reinforce each other. Our goal is to support and empower women both in Nepal and all over the world. 

Each piece is hand-made with intricate workmanship using the highest quality fibers of cashmere, bamboo, silk, modal, wool and eco-friendly azo-free dyes. Our designs have graced the pages of Vogue, Marie Claire, Lucky, Good Housekeeping and many others. Celebrities such as Halle Berry, Anne Hathaway, and Kim Kardashian wear Nepali by TDM products and help bring awareness to our mission.

Our accessories are designed and marketed by our team in the United States run by Michelle and based out of Potomac, Maryland.  Our accessories have sold in over 900 stores and boutiques throughout the U.S., Canada and the U.K.