Tallience, LLC

Your immediate success is our long term goal.

With our attention to detail and deep talent pool, It's no wonder that word is spreading fast that Tallience is the company to turn to when it comes to IT staffing solutions. Our unique three-tiered recruitment process looks deep into our candidates work history and character.


All the time we hear, "at the other firm everything was great until I got a job, then the staffing guys just disappeared." And just as often, the next sentence is, "but Tallience is different."

Our work doesn't end when your work starts. We stick by our candidates from start to finish, and by start to finish we mean from the first job through the third and on and on. We understand that an investment in you is an investment in ourselves. We know technology because we come from technology.

It's not uncommon for IT specialists to field two dozen calls a day from staffing companies eager to plug them into this or that job, regardless of whether or not their skills match the particular project. Tallience will never waste your time. You will only hear from us when we think you're a perfect match for the client. Be sure to check out our favorite tips on how to prep for an interview.