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Get in2 China is located and operated in Beijing, the capital city of China. Our primary goal and focus is to serve as a conduit between the culture of china and the outside world. We have been able to accomplish this goal as we have built a strong network of partner companies that reside here in China, as well internationally. Through this network, we are able to effectively offer students and graduates the best opportunity possible to experience Chinese culture through our incredible internship and language programs.

Get in2 China is the leading provider of internships in China. With our many years of experience, we help students and graduates to immerse themselves into our internship programs, which help the individuals to further their personal and professional endeavors within a dynamic international environment.

Our company operates on a foundation of ideas and principles, which include:

  • Learning the Chinese language - The best way to learn a foreign language is to actually live, work, and study in the foreign country.

  • Outstanding Working Experiences - Our internship and language programs are designed to fully immerse you into the cultural and business environment of China to give you an experience that you will never forget!

  • Easy Enrollment - Get in2 China will take care of all of the necessary documents and paperwork to make it easier than ever for you to get into China. Once in China, we make sure to offer and provide support during the entire period of your exciting stay.

If you want the best experience that you can have in China, make sure to contact us here at Get in2 China to enroll for one of our language/internship programs today!


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