College Concierge

Started in 2014 by automotive industry professionals, College Concierge was designed to serve the more than 300,000 (and growing) population of students leaving China to study in the US every year. Most noteworthy, these students come to the States with little to no experience away from home and even less knowledge of how the American marketplace works. Utilizing an all-encompassing “Landing to Leaving” strategy, College-Concierge helps students navigate the complicated landscape of purchasing necessities, like cell phones, cars and insurance, as well as apartments and other consumer goods…all in a transparent and language-friendly manner. Thus, College Concierge has become a trusted and convenient student services provider for overseas students; especially for the Chinese.

College Concierge Ensures Trusted and Convenient Student Services

College-Concierge has arranged nationwide discounts for known brands and outlets, giving them much lower prices, based on “group buying.”  By helping them spend less time on navigating the “how to’s” of buying and also less money on the things they need, they spend more time on their studies, accomplishing the goals that brought them to the US in the first place.

The College-Concierge Management Team has in excess of 75 years combined experience in the automotive, insurance and rental industries, giving students the real benefit of experience-backed buy power.  Furthermore, the day-to-day operations are run primarily by current and recent students, providing a peer-to-peer trust level, unmatched in this industry.

To date, College-Concierge has helped students save an average of $3,245 in their first year, while hiring local College students and giving 10% back to their Universities. Besides, we hope to do that for you or your student, as well.