AGV Sports Group


AGV Sport and AGV Helmets are two separate companies within the motorcycle industry. AGV Sport is an American company, while AGV Helmets is based in Italy. However, both companies share a similar history in the arena of motorcycle riding and racing.

Founded by Michael Parrotte, AGV USA was the official importer of AGV Helmets in the late 1970's. In 1985, AGV Sport was born when AGV Helmets took over the sole distribution of the AGV Helmet brand in the US. AGV Sport then acquired a license for the right to create apparel and other products, except helmets, under the AGV brand name. AGV Helmets then created a US subsidiary which sold both AGV Helmets and AGVSPORT apparel from 1985 to 2000. By 1990, gloves, boots, jackets, suits, and textile apparel carried the AGVSPORT name. In the early 1990's, AGV Helmets owned little more than half of AGV Sports Group, Inc. Throughout this time, AGV Helmets was sold several times by its founder Gino Amisano. AGV Helmets also went through numerous acquisitions and mergers.