OneSource Information Services

Company Description

OneSource Information Services is a global leader in providing real-time business information and sales intelligence solutions. OneSource provides solutions that deliver the most accurate, timely and complete real-time business intelligence on millions of companies and executives. Our award-winning solutions are leveraged by sales, marketing, researchers, human resources, vendor management, product management, procurement, business development, competitive intelligence, legal and strategy teams within companies to improve execution and efficiency for their success.

OneSource combines and organizes content providing unparalleled data accuracy and information depth from 60 Data Partners, 23 Million Company Profiles, 40 Million Contacts, 28 Million Email Addresses, Web Mining and Social Mining sources.

3500 companies in more than 100 countries from many industries use OneSource to gain or enrich company and contact profiles. OneSource's comprehensive profiles enhance their ability to analyze company financial performance, target new customers, develop quality sales leads, identify key executives, improve pre-meeting planning, and research industry trends by searching through news, press articles and industry reports.