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Professional coaching - consulting industry


We are seeking a Net worker, someone who like meeting new people, building your network and learning new things. We are looking to develop a partnership with someone where we will provide intel and resources to go to many great networking events, events you might not normally know of, and you in turn spread the word about our business.




You must be Responsible. Organized. Professional.

You need to be able to walk up to strangers and not be shy.

You should be excited to meet new people!




We will provide you with business cards and knowledge about our industry and also our company. You will be expected to talk to people and tell them about our service, and also hand out our business card. Of course you can and should hand out your own as well!


What’s great about this? Imagine events where you could meet COOL people, but you really don’t have any COOL business reason to be there. Not only would you not know about them, but what would you talk about? If you are looking to meet new contacts or learn about new industries, maybe you are looking for a new job?


Being our network partner will give you an “IN”  to many events you would normally NOT know about. As well as a reason to talk to everyone and anyone. Talking about coaching is a great ice breaker, why? Because it’s something everyone can be helped by and many people want.




We are a respected coaching company that helps people maximize their potential. Our service includes, but not limited to, financial coaching, life coaching, and spiritual coaching.  What is coaching? Think of a fitness trainer for the gym, or a mentor that knows the challenges that you are going through. Our company provides SUCCESS for people that are hung up on small challenges.


If you are interested then kindly send your application on given E-mail ID:


Contact:  1-415-337-2128