Odeon Capital Group

Odeon is a boutique investment firm focusing on distressed debt in securitized products, corporates and special opportunities. Odeon has a unique research product focusing on the debt and off balance sheet portion of the capital structure. Odeon's merchant banking unit has a network and source of funds for any type funding need.

We have extensive expertise in both traditional and esoteric assets. Our team has discretely placed both large and small volume transactions in every asset class. The depth and extent of our relationships across a wide array of market participants give us the edge to provide the best execution for our clients. We are committed to maximizing value for our clients through in-depth bespoke analysis of sectors, asset classes, and complicated individual securities. 

Since inception, we have traded tens of billions of dollars in securities: creating and providing liquidity in unique sectors. Odeon employs a sophisticated and highly skilled team, with strong quantitative skills as well as considerable client reach across the country. As a market leader in analyzing and trading the full range of fixed income products, Odeon is able to offer unique idea-driven market-based solutions to the client challenges of managing their assets and liabilities. 

This job involves clearing and operations for fixed income trading. It is a Monday – Friday 7:30am-6/6:30pm position.  This position will familiarize you with basic fixed income/analytics/terms&lingo/markets/and an array of other products. There is room for advancement if potential is shown.  Please see www.odeoncap.com