ThermaSource, Inc.

As a worldwide leader in geothermal drilling and consulting, ThermaSource, LLC provides the geothermal industry with two vitally needed services: engineering consulting and a fleet of fully staffed and operating drill rigs. The engineering consulting service has been the business mainstay since 1980 and in recent years, ThermaSource has expanded this service to meet the growing geothermal demand worldwide. ThermaSource also provides drill rigs staffed with highly experienced geothermal crews responsible for drilling and completing production and exploration wells on geothermal projects. Currently, ThermaSource owns and operates rigs in the United States, Chile and Nicaragua.

ThermaSource, Inc. has been an integral contributor to the geothermal industry for the past three decades. The company was founded in Santa Rosa, CA in 1980 by Louis E. Capuano, Jr. ThermaSource has worked on a variety of geothermal projects, operating as project managers as well as vital members of geothermal project management teams. ThermaSource has had a hand in many of the major geothermal projects around the world, and has a combined expertise of 150 years of geothermal work amongst its management team.

To date, the major provider of drill rigs to the geothermal industry has been the oil and gas drilling contractors. However, with the increased price of hydrocarbons, the inventory of available rigs for geothermal wells has greatly reduced. ThermaSource has identified the rising need for renewable energy and has successfully expanded its services and rig fleet in hopes to help the geothermal market reach its full environmental and economic capacity. Additional factors driving the geothermal power industry growth are the climbing price of oil, global warming, tax incentives and government policies mandating renewable energy portfolios (“RPS”). The U.S. Congress has recently extended the renewable energy tax credit to include geothermal. With this tax break, geothermal energy is comparable in price with wind energy and thus, is vital for the renewable energy sector’s sustained success.

ThermaSource possesses a vast amount of experience in the area of geothermal engineering and project management and owns a fleet of drill rigs staffed with experienced crews. ThermaSource has demonstrated that it can engineer, manage and supervise effective drilling programs, as well as provide a full staff of experienced, educated and safety-minded drilling crews to any geothermal project worldwide.

ThermaSource has also established a subsidiary base that can service geothermal drilling projects throughout the world. ThermaSource is a privately held company. The majority owners are U.S. Renewables Group (USRG), Riverstone Holdings, LLC, Rustic Canyon Partners and management. With this vast experience and the encouragement, capital and business experience provided by USRG and Riverstone, ThermaSource is in an ideal position to succeed. ThermaSource is prepared to continue expanding and growing in the geothermal field.