hope chapel

Hope Chapel is a Christian inter-denominational church with an emphasis on Bible teaching and inspirational worship. Our 20-member staff serves a membership base of 1,300 people.

Our Goal is to equip serious servant-oriented leaders for full-time vocational ministry, and to give each one a deeper sense of God's calling in their life.

Our Purpose is to provide hands-on experience from gifted and experienced leaders in various ministry-related areas within the church.

Our Internship Program

This year's internship starts August 23, 2013, and concludes August 17, 2014. Our vision is to train individuals in dynamic hands-on ministry skills and nurture and develop their unique spiritual gifts and passions. This year we are selecting 8 single college age interns (19-26) who will be assigned to a ministry overseer whose gifts and talents compliment theirs. Available ministry areas include:

•    Worship/Special Events/Front Lines (2 positions available)
•    Children's Ministry (2 positions available)
•    Small Groups/College Age (1 female position available)
•    Junior High  (1 male position available)
•    High School  (1 female position available)
•    Young Adult Ministry (1 male position available)

Our desire is to develop our interns' unique spiritual gifts and fuel their spiritual passions. Our internship program covers comprehensive exposure to all areas of ministry.

Key Elements

This is an energetic and challenging 50 hour a week program designed to sharpen and train our interns so that they are fully equipped to serve God in every area of ministry from the mission field to the marketplace. Each week, our interns spend 40 hours dedicated to their area of specialty. The rest of their time will include serving the church in our cafe or facility upkeep. Other opportunities for involvement can include:

•    Sunday Afternoon/Sunset Volleyball
•    Discipleship Training w/Senior Pastor
•    Mentor Relationship Time
•    University of Hope Courses
•    Leadership or attendance in our Young Adult Bible study fellowship. Rise (Rise Maui link on Facebook)

Specifics and Finances:

Each intern will cover their own personal living expenses, such as food, recreational activities and miscellaneous spending money, estimated to be about $400 per month. Off-campus housing, utilities and transportation to and from Hope Chapel is provided. Each intern will also be responsible for airfare to and from Maui, as well as health insurance coverage for the duration of their internship and personal taxes on any support contributions received.

A sample packet is available with ideas and suggestions for creating your support partnering network team if you need help with your expenses. All of your support contributions will be tax deductible to the contributor, as long as the donations are being made to a non-profit corporation - i.e. your home church or Hope Chapel.

Hope Chapels provides:

•    A fully furnished 2 bedroom apt to live in ( 4 men in one and 4 women in the other)
•    Transportation is included to and from the church and for ministry use

Each intern must provide:

•    Health insurance for a year
•    A roundtrip ticket
•    Clearance from immigration, if not a US citizen