Dark Horse Holdings

Internet Marketers Needed (Bellmore, NY)

Internet Marketers Needed

This is a percentage/and/commission based position. If you are a real Internet marketer, and know how to really drive traffic to a site, you will have no problem making money and a lot of it. Why, because you will get paid for how many people you drive to the site and a percentage from the revenue. You will also receive stock options. Internet marketing done right can generate a ton of traffic and revenue without spending a dime on advertising. Anybody can spend money on advertising, anybody can place a Facebook ad, that does not make someone an internet marketer. No pay per click, No Ad Sense, etc.

Real marketers drive traffic without spending a dime. I know because I have done it myself, from $0 to $30 million in one year and with no advertising budget (Keen Shoes). We have a California office, and an office in Bellmore, NY. You will be working in our 11,600 square foot building. Great location (a few blocks away from the train station), great vibe, play darts, pool, ping pong, get a massage all while making money and making a company grow. Yes you have seen it before, Google, E-bay, Facebook, etc. employees becoming millionaires and billionaires. A lucky few will be next with our company. Don't think so! Save this post and remember it a 18 months from now when you read about us. So, if you want to work hard yet have fun while making money, drop us a line with your resume. Please note, you must know the ins and outs on driving traffic to a site. SEO, Social Media, Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, etc. is a must.