Roofing & Restorations Services of America (RRSA)

Rebuilding Communites One Shingle At A Time

Think of RRSA as your rescue team - ready to respond, ready to be at your side immediately after a damaging storm event.
With a 20 year track-record in business and more than 300 years of collective management-level experience when it comes to restoring roofs, RRSA specializes in helping local contractors quickly and responsibly rebuild their communities in the aftermath of a storm.
Built on the solid foundation of one of America’s largest catastrophe storm contracting firms, RRSA is able to quickly provide an army of roofing, siding and guttering professionals to assist smaller, established roofing contractors in emergency situations.
Based in Texas, with satellite command posts around the nation, RRSA immediately brings it partners the ability, tools, technology, materials and manpower to contract and replace hundreds, even thousands of roofs in a timely manner.
RRSA’s mission is simply to help you help your community get back to normal quickly, efficiently and professionally after a major storm disruption.
What RRSA Does Best?
  1. React and mobilize crews when a storm hits
  2. Set up local storm headquarters to serve the community
  3. Expedite permitting and code accommodations
  4. Deploy marketing and sales to the neighborhoods impacted
  5. Leverage suppliers to get materials quickly
  6. Utilize expertise working with insurance claims