Robin Hood Israel Foundation

Israel is an inscrutable miracle at the forefront of consciousness for Jews and gentiles alike. Israel faces many challenges both external and of its own making: its socio-economic and religious complexities, its transition from Bolshevik socialism to Western Capitalism as well as its undue dependence upon American Aid and Diaspora charitable donations to name a few. As an unintended result, a surprising percentage of the population resides on that Paved Road of Good Intentions.

Robin Hood Israel Foundation (RHIF) serves as a “Loyal Shadow Ministry of Unintended Consequences’. Its projects seek to imbue Israeli society with strong Western democratic ideals, Lending a Voice to Those Otherwise Silenced, providing private sector philanthropic solutions to shortfalls in the socio-economic safety-net. RHIF works to support and reinforce the social infrastructure of the country, effectively closing the sometimes extreme gaps that exists between the ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’.

RHIF was born out of Harvard and Columbia Universities’ cutting edge social enterprise theory. It is part of a new generation of NGOs, charities and philanthropies designed to fill the gaps caused by public sector retreat from socio-economic safety nets in certain emerging nations. (See in particular AMB Ambassador Joan Spero work on this matter, Charity and Philanthropy in BRIC Countries, Foundation Centre, 2014). Israel has the right conditions for the growth of philanthropy; “rapid economic development and wealth accumulation along with political and social change,”[1] but lacks effective roadmaps to secure the transition.

NB: there are a multitude of ‘Robin Hood’ philanthropies and/or NGOs across the globe – from Sydney to London, New York to Buenos Ares, each with a legal mandate relevant to a specific locality. RHIF’s mandate is Israel. Please visit our Projects page for an exhaustive list of the projects we are involved in.