Bayside Solutions

 We opened our doors back in 2001, eager to change the face of the staffing industry. We had watched other staffing companies focus on their own internal initiatives, forcing their clients' needs to match those initiatives. We had the crazy idea that there was a better way. 

Relationship-based recruiting was born. We concentrated our efforts on a few key industries. Then, we turned the focus toward our clients, and we concentrated on their initiatives. We took the time to really get to know them. We insisted on learning about their businesses, their challenges, their goals, and their unique team cultures. Our insight provided staffing solutions they'd never considered.

We approached our candidates the same way. Sure, we looked for great resumes, but just as important, we looked for great people. We talked to them about their competencies, but we also talked to them about their interests, their goals, and their career aspirations. And time after time, we matched those great people to great positions.

Nine years later, we're stronger than ever servicing every major metropolitan city in the United States. Our executive leadership team has spent a total of 70 years bringing customized staffing solutions to our clients. And nothing could make us happier than seeing our clients succeed.

We think recruiting is personal. Our clients return nearly 100% of the time. Our contractor retention is 5 times the industry average.

We weren't so crazy after all. We were right.