Family Concierge Inc.

Family Concierge is a private family concierge company that strives to meet the highest standards of family living. At Family Concierge, we work diligently to meet the tailored needs of each family. We distinguish ourselves by promising our members the delivery of tailored family services and amenities, full-time accessibility, and exclusive high-quality specialists with the social and professional benefit of a private club membership. Our members have privileged access to the highest quality referrals in their neighborhood. Family Concierge seeks to give each family the freedom to live the family life their way!

Our concierge are responsible for providing childcare to our members which consist of in home care, after school carpooling, and homework assistance while simultaneously assisting with the managing of the home, i.e. general errands, light housecleaning/organizing, party assistance, and pet assistance. Each concierge specialist can work in 4-8 family homes and are provided with a detailed profile on each client home.