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Posted December 13, 2013 by

Young Professionals, How to Approach Asking for a Raise on Your Entry Level Jobs

Young professionals who work hard on their entry level jobs may be inclined to ask for a raise after a certain amount of time.  The key is to have a plan before discussing this matter with your boss.  If you want a better chance to get a raise, the following post has some tips for your consideration.

From our partner site… By Dr. Morley D. Glicken Should you ask for a raise during bad economic times? The answer is yes, but only if you deserve a raise and you’ve developed a carefully thought-through strategy. Even in bad times,


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Posted October 21, 2013 by

Landed a New Entry Level Job? 5 Tips to Manage Your Career Like the Life of an Automobile

Now that you have landed an entry level job, how can you successfully manage your career as if you’re maintaining an automobile?  The following post shares five tips.

38.2 percent. According to Kelley Blue Book, that’s how much original value your car retains after five years. Hurts, doesn’t it? Just like cars, we all have a certain value at our jobs. Unlike cars, our price doesn’t have to go down. In fact, if we manage our careers right, our value can increase


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Posted October 09, 2013 by

Young Professionals with Recent Graduate Jobs Should Be Respected Equally in the Workplace

It’s hard enough for some young professionals with recent graduate jobs to get adjusted to the workplace itself, but then also being treated like less than their more senior colleagues. In the following post, learn how these workers can earn respect at work.

I once went on a job interview and overall, it was a great experience. The people were friendly and made me feel comfortable…something a bit rare for an interview. I was actually having a good time. Until I wasn’t. I was totally bothered by something that one of the men


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Posted October 08, 2013 by

Women Searching for Entry Level Jobs, Do What You Love and Get What’s Yours

When searching for entry level jobs, women (as well as men) should do what makes them happy, while getting fairly compensated for it.  The following post encourages women to find their passion and learn how to profit from the skills they possess.

There are many reports of how women and men differ when it comes to asking for what they deserve in the job market, and it’s often said that we women accept less than what we’re worth. But why? Some might say we’re simply less aggressive than men when it comes to negotiating

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Posted July 30, 2013 by

Young Professionals, Does Your Worth Match Your Recent Graduate Jobs?

Young professionals may be concerned about their worth in their recent graduate jobs.  If you feel like you are worth more than you’re currently paid, the following post may offer some encouragement to speak up.

A few years ago when I worked in corporate accounting, my boss and I had a meeting to discuss my salary. I knew what was coming. Our firm had recently gone through a merger, during which I went from being the only person in the company responsible for marketing to being one of

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Do You Know Your Worth?