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Posted October 03, 2013 by

5 of the top careers for working at home

Man working from home in office, using computer and telephone

Man working from home in office, using computer and telephone. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

A life without rush hour traffic, obnoxious coworkers and helicopter bosses may seem like an unattainable dream for many Americans. However, that may be changing. Today’s computers, smart phones and digital devices mean more and more people are able to spend their work days at home rather than stuck in a stuffy cubicle.

If you are hoping to join the ranks of those working from home, you first need to get the right education and skills. While there is no guarantee any degree will land you a job, let alone a work-at-home job, it seems like a degree may improve your odds of living the good life. The Bureau of Labor Statistics noted among workers older than age 25, those with a bachelor’s degree were more likely to work from home compared to individuals with less education. (more…)

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Young Professionals, Don’t Quit Your Recent College Graduate Jobs Without Considering These 10 Thoughts

As they make decisions throughout their careers, young professionals should think them through.  This includes deciding to leave their recent college graduate jobs and doing something new.  The following post has 10 thoughts that should be considered before making this change.

In May 2011, I quit my job and moved to Paris. I was 23 years old and passionate, but hated working for someone else and longed for adventure. So I jumped. And I’m not going to lie: you’ll learn more from jumping than you will from reading this article. However, there are some things that I wish I&rsquo

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9 Ways Working from Home Saves You Money

Sara Sutton Fell

Sara Sutton Fell, contributing writer

A recent comparison of the salaries of in-office jobs and work-at-home jobs found that working from home typically comes with a slight pay cut. But that’s not quite the end of the salary debate when it comes to telecommuting jobs versus in-office jobs.

While telecommuting jobs may pay slightly less than the same job done from a traditional office, there are a number of cost-savings associated with working from home that more than make up the difference. (more…)

Posted June 07, 2013 by

Top five ways to “lean in” every day at work

Businesswoman sitting in her office

Businesswoman sitting in her office. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

“What would you do if you weren’t afraid?”

It’s a question for anyone trying to succeed in business, but for Sheryl Sandberg, it’s a way of life. In her book, “Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead,” that simple question holds the key to success in the corporate world. Sandberg feels it’s a question that women in particular should ask themselves in the workplace. With a resume that includes chief operating officer of Facebook, vice president of global online sales and operations at Google, and chief of staff at the U.S. Treasury, this Harvard-educated businesswoman is certainly an expert. Take the following tips as your Sandberg-styled guide to success. (more…)

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Are Entry Level Jobs in Freelancing Becoming More Popular?

The following post suggests that more workers may want to leave their current entry level jobs and move towards freelancing.

More than seven in 10 freelancers who still hold down “regular” jobs plan to break away and work for themselves in the near future, according to a survey conducted by Millennial Branding, a Gen Y consulting firm, and oDesk, a popular online worksite. Of nearly 3,200 freelancers worldwide who were interviewed

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Freelancers Who Work 9-to-5 Jobs Say Quitting’s on the Horizon

Posted December 06, 2012 by

Telecommuters Say More Freedom Leads to Increased Productivity and Provides Benefits

It appears that employees enjoy the professional and personal benefits of working from home.

TeamViewer® announced the findings of its survey of 500 American adults ages 18 and older who work from home either full time or part time, conducted online by uSamp in October. The survey found that fully half (50%) of telecommuters feel that they are more productive working from home, with 23% even saying that they are much more productive. (more…)

Posted November 12, 2012 by

4 Work From Home Careers for Today’s College Grad

Young woman at home using her laptop

Young woman at home using her laptop. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

The college graduate of today is a different breed of cat. This person is not content with just sitting in a cubicle, hoping for promotion someday. New college graduates are more likely to go an alternative route and perhaps be an entrepreneur or be employed in a less than traditional workplace. As such, work from home careers are increasingly common. Here are four options with plenty of appeal: (more…)

Posted February 14, 2012 by

Telecommuting Would Lead Americans to Make Sacrifices

What would you be willing to give up in order to telecommute, or work from home or other locations?

TeamViewer® has announced the findings of its survey of over 2,500 American adults aged 18 and older, conducted online by Harris Interactive in January.  The survey found that most Americans believe that more people want the option to telecommute (62%) with an overwhelming percentage (83%) believing that telecommuting is on the rise.  Specifically, the survey found that Americans believe: (more…)

Posted January 22, 2009 by

Earn Money and Learn Valuable Skills From the Comfort of Your Own Home (Dorm)

Because of the tight economy, some employers are putting their internship programs on hold. Of those who aren’t, they are a lot pickier than they were before things got bad. So how does a busy college student get valuable work experience? One way is by applying for a work from home job. is just one of many sites that allows anyone interested in working from home to select from thousands of job listings.
College students often have busy class schedules and active social lives, so many wait until the summer to do their internships. But for those who like doing internships during the fall and spring semesters, working online might be just the ticket. There always seems to be a demand for data entry clerks and typists, so that’s one way to earn money while getting practical work experience like meeting deadlines and working with others to complete a project. For writing majors who are struggling to find writing internships, has plenty of writing jobs posted, too. There’s even a section on the site for people interested in earning money on ebay. Imagine that!
Earning money online is especially great for students who have unpaid internships because it allows them to set work around their class and work schedules. And they will get additional work experience to add to their resumes. There’s really no downside.

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Career Advice: Can You Work at Home Successfully?

The idea of working from home, empowered by telecommuting technology, is
enticing. But can you achieve your career goals in this mode?
No doubt about it, on this career path there are no hard and fast hours, no
bosses looking over your shoulders, no time wasted or cost incurred
commuting. You can enjoy the comfort of working in a wam-up suit and running
shoes instead of a tie or high heels. Snacks are ready in the frig. You can
take an after-lunch nap.
And it’s environmentally responsible. It’s been estimated that if only five
percent of workers in the Los Angeles area worked at home, some 200 million
miles of driving would be eliminated each year, saving about 10 million
gallons of fuel and reducing the amount of pollutants dumped in the air by
50,000 tons.
Employers can expand geographically, even into foreign countries, without
taking on the added overhead of expanding facilities in new locations.
It’s no surprise that with advances in high tech tools such as
tele-conferencing and networking, more employers and employees are adopting
the practice.