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Posted July 22, 2014 by

Applying for Entry Level Jobs? Don’t Use These 25 Words and Phrases

For job seekers who want to stand out when applying for entry level jobs, there are 25 words and phrases they shouldn’t use according to the following post.

We all try to write the perfect resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile. Our goal: wordsmith something that will make us stand out among millions of job and internship seekers. And yet somehow, those resumes, letters and profiles always seem to sound painfully similar; they drown in groupthink-inspired sameness…

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Posted June 30, 2014 by

Are You Writing a Resume? 4 Words and Phrases that Won’t Impress Recruiters

Recruiters will not be impressed with your resume if you use these four words and phrases in the following post.

Words can be powerful. They can work to your benefit… and they can cause problems. This is especially true regarding your resume. Recruiters read a lot of these documents, so when they encounter a poorly-written resume, it sticks out like a sore thumb. They become sensitive to useless, meaningless, and clichéd words and phrases. They learn to hate


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Posted August 02, 2012 by

Executive Resume Words and Phrases You Should (and Shouldn’t) Avoid

Jessica Holbrook Hernandez of Great Resumes Fast

Jessica Holbrook Hernandez of Great Resumes Fast

If you’ve been searching for executive positions for some time, it’s possible that you’ve gotten into the habit of utilizing catchphrases to describe yourself. While there’s nothing wrong with choosing great brand attributes to define who you are, you want to avoid those that sound generic to decision makers who read your resume.

Sometimes, a word or phrase sounds impressive, but when broken down into simple language actually means that you are organized, or work well with others—something all executive candidates should be great at by now. To avoid sounding too clichéd or ordinary on your resume, let’s take a look at some phrases that you should and should not include. (more…)