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Applying for Recent College Graduate Jobs? What Your Resume Should and Should Not Include

When applying for recent college graduate jobs, make sure your resume has the information a potential employer cares about and leave off everything else.  Learn more in the following post.

Your resume may only be a single page, but it’s a potential minefield when it comes to your career. On one hand, you want enough information so the employer sees what a stellar candidate you are. On the other, you don’t want to step into any pitfalls that will give the hiring


What You Should Leave Off Your Resume

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4 Benefits of Volunteering to Help You Find an Entry Level Job

Helping other people by offering your time and service can not only benefit you personally, but also professionally.  If you are searching for an entry level job or another position, the following post has four benefits of volunteering.

How would you spend your time if you were entirely focused on doing good for someone or something else? Imagine yourself in that scenario. Where do you see yourself? Are you cuddling with homeless kittens? Bringing smiles to the faces of sick kids? Are you feeding hungry people in your community or helping improve their health or education? Do

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4 Selfish Reasons to Volunteer During Your Job Hunt

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Searching for Summer Jobs for College Students? Consider These 4 Options.

Are you on a break this summer from college and looking for some work experience?  Think about four jobs for college students (as well as other job seekers) found in the following post.

Use your talent to serve the American public! The IRS has a variety of career opportunities and is seeking bright people like you. Learn more here: This summer, many job seekers will flock to job boards, attend countless networking events and scour through their contact lists to find the perfect position. No matter if you’re. . .

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4 Lucrative Job Alternatives to Consider This Summer

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Looking for a New Entry Level Job in a Different Career

While your entry level job may have seemed ideal at first, you may be ready for a different career path.  In the following post, learn what to consider during this transition.

Use your talent to serve the American public! The IRS has a variety of career opportunities and is seeking bright people like you. Learn more here: Many of us are working jobs we don’t like. What’s worse, many people fall into the trap of staying in these ill-fitting positions or industries for years,

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How to Change Careers Even If You Think It’s Too Late

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Volunteering Makes Employees Happy and Factors into Job Decision Making

According to one study, Americans experience happiness when they volunteer.  It benefits them professionally and personally.  Learn more in the following post, including one group that considers volunteering in its entry level job decision making.

Creating programs that strengthen employee retention makes happier employees and better work and also saves the company money in hiring and training expenses. Additionally, meaningful volunteer programs create a more appealing and competitive company for talented individuals who are considering working for the company. There is no doubt that corporate socialresponsibilityand employee engagement rank high on the priority

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The Positive Impact of Employee Volunteering

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How Volunteering Abroad Helps with College Admissions

Volunteers passing out food to people

Volunteers passing out food to people. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

Experience is one of the most valuable assets you will have when it comes to preparing yourself for your future. In fact, certain types of experience – like volunteering abroad – can make a big difference when you apply to college. Admissions officers are looking for well-rounded students, and volunteering abroad is one way to show the depth of your character. (more…)

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Volunteering Your Way to Steady Employment: How to Gain Experience Without Having a Job

Young man carrying a box with food donations.  Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

Young man carrying a box with food donations. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

One of the main attributes employers look for when reviewing potential candidates for a job is experience in the field. Unfortunately, there’s a catch-22 with this because job-seekers can’t exactly gain experience for the job when employers only hire those with experience. Although this fact might make the situation seem hopeless, one viable solution for gaining experience is by taking advantage of volunteering opportunities relevant to your industry. If you’ve been struggling to gain experience and/or find a job in your field, consider the following advice for finding the right volunteer work for you. (more…)

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92% of Employers Use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn to Hire New Employees

Twitter birdA new survey confirms what most in the recruiting industry already know: the use of social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn have become an essential practice amongst human resource professionals with 92 percent of U.S. companies using social networks and media to find talent in 2012, up from 78 percent five years ago. LinkedIn continues to be a dominant recruiting network, while Facebook and Twitter have seen major adoption growth in the past year.

Two-thirds of companies now recruit through Facebook and 54 percent use Twitter to find new talent. Jobvite‘s June 2012 Social Recruiting Survey of 1,000 human resource and recruiting professionals also found that employers scrutinize social media activity, noting more than half of respondents would have a negative reaction to seeing a spelling or grammar mistake in a social profile. Overall, social recruiting has become an essential tool for recruiters and can be expected to become even more important as 89 percent of the companies surveyed report plans to increase hiring this year. (more…)

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20 Compelling Reasons to Consider Volunteering After College


Having graduated from college, you are now an adult by every meaning of the word. Forty years of work awaits you. You’re hearing the siren song of the rat race. But if you haven’t figured it out by now, the cookie-cutter life path of college-work-marriage-kids-death doesn’t have to be the way it all goes down. Volunteering after college is an adventurous option that you can take to make the world a better place, and benefit yourself a little in the process. Here are 20 reasons why you should give it some serious thought. (more…)

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More High School Students Choosing to Volunteer Abroad

Before high school students go to college or choose another path in the real world, many are volunteering their time as part of an international experience.


Projects Abroad, which recruits thousands of volunteers worldwide to volunteer in developing countries, reports that increasing numbers of high school students are choosing to volunteer abroad this summer. The leading international volunteer organization is expecting almost 1,000 students to take part this summer in their 2-Week High School Specials, which are structured programs for high school students. (more…)