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Posted July 11, 2012 by

Tips for Candidates Preparing for the Virtual Job Tryout

Joe Murphy

Joe Murphy of Shaker Consulting Group

Candidates can be resourceful.  In examining key word searches that drive traffic to our web site, we have discovered people may be looking for guidance on how to complete the Virtual Job Tryout.  It appears they want to be successful on their pre-employment test. To offer help to the curious web surfers, we have created a new page on our web: How to Take the Virtual Job Tryout.

Assessment Answer KeyWe emphasize on this page that a candidate being offered the opportunity to complete a Virtual Job Tryout has encountered an employer very interested in their career success.

Our intent is to enhance the brand image of the company, continue to educate the candidate on the value of the Virtual Job Tryout, provide them a link to quotes from candidates that have completed a similar candidate experience, and offer suggestions on how to prepare for and complete the assessment.

Here are the tips we offer candidates. (more…)

Posted July 05, 2012 by

Virtual Job Tryout Demonstrations to Offer Unique Candidate Experience

Joe Murphy

Joe Murphy of Shaker Consulting Group

Shaker Consulting Group will be conducting demonstrations of the Virtual Job Tryout for participants at Taleo World.  You will see how we create a candidate experience as unique as your brand, an evaluation experience as challenging as your job.

This is our sixth year as a sponsor/exhibitor at Taleo World.  It is a great opportunity for us to connect with our existing clients on the Taleo platform.  It also allows us to showcase our simulation for pre-employment testing to other Taleo clients. (more…)

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Candidate Experience Awards – Virtual Job Tryout Client Among Winners

2011 Candidate Experience Award Stamp

2011 Candidate Experience Award Stamp

Some organizations take their candidate experience seriously.  This year, after considerable thought, some survey data and insightful collaborative writing, The Candidate Experience Awards were conceived.

Gerry Crispin and a team nurtured the idea and a process for application and evaluation was born.  The industry is fortunate to have forward thinking individuals willing to get out in front and take some pull-forward actions. (more…)

Posted July 03, 2012 by

Brand Plays a Role in Assessments During The Candidate Experience

Top Employers Deliver Better Candidate Experience

Top Employers Deliver Better Candidate Experience

According to Moses Bar-Yoseph, the national director, talent attraction, for KPMG in Canada, “The line is now blurring between assessment and branding.”

KPMG Canada recently launched a pre-employment assessment for managerial candidates.  Positioned as a Day-in-the-Life experience, it provides a candidate experience as unique as the KPMG brand, and as challenging as the role of a manager in tax, audit or consultancy.  KPMG sees candidate engagement as a two-way process of both education and evaluation. (more…)

Posted June 26, 2012 by

Employers Engage Candidates through Virtual Job Tryouts

Joe Murphy

Joe Murphy of Shaker Consulting Group

Jennifer Alsever, journalist and writer recently penned an article describing how more companies are asking candidates to provide a work sample as part of the screening and evaluation process.    Show, Don’t Tell is the title and the theme.  Her great article is here.  Her examples deal with small populations, filling one or a small number of positions.

When trying to scale up to fill hundreds, or thousands, is that format reasonable?  Well maybe not, but it’s close cousin approach certainly does. (more…)