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Engaging in an Informational Interview While Searching for Entry Level Jobs? How to Find Success During this Meeting

Graduates searching for entry level jobs may decide to schedule an informational interview to learn more about a particular job, company, and/or industry.  For the interview to be a success, there are some tips they should remember according to the following post.

It happens to many of us at some point. We reach a dead end in our job search or have hit a wall in our career growth. No amount of LinkedIn connecting, job post reading or online researching can answer our tough questions, so we actually need to sit down and ask

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Following Up After an Internship or Entry Level Job Interview? Make a Good Impression with a Hand Written Thank You Note

If you want to make a good impression and perhaps even distinguish yourself from other candidates, consider following up an internship or entry level job interview with a hand written thank you note.  Learn how to structure it in the following post.

Featured: Featured I know that it sounds very ‘old school’ but you MUST send a Hand-Written Thank You note after each internship interview. Here are some guidelines on what to include, when to send, etc. read more

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Do You Take Your Boss for Granted?

While employers probably don’t expect you to kiss up to them, it never hurts to say thank you.  By doing so, they will know that their employees are appreciative, not taking them for granted.

Caring bosses who help employees with their personal and work problems shouldn’t expect gratitude, loyalty and commitment in return, new research has warned.

According to a study by IMD business school, most managers believe offering emotional support will benefit their company.

Yet most employees simply view such shows of kindness as part of their superiors’ duties and have no intention of working any harder by way of saying thank-you. (more…)

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5 Tips to Keep Top Employees from Leaving Your Company

Robert Half Technology logoEmployers should not take their hard working employees for granted.  In order to retain top workers, companies can use the five tips from Robert Half Technology in the following post.

1.       Re-recruit your best workers. Talk with employees about what might enhance their job satisfaction and remind them of the unique benefits provided by your company.  Emphasize what your firm has to offer, whether it’s a great corporate culture, solid financial standing or strong industry reputation. (more…)

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Interview Tips to Help You Secure an Entry Level Job or Internship

If you want to have a successful interview that can land you an entry level job or internship, the following post has some tips to keep in mind.

Featured: Not Featured I know that some of you are still interviewing for last minute internships — and I applaud you. If you don’t have an internship for this summer, it’s not too late and you still have a great chance of landing an opportunity. We still have plenty of postings

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Last Minute Interview Tips

Posted December 26, 2012 by

Interview Follow up for Maximum Success

CollegeRecruiter.comIt never hurts to show your appreciation when someone takes time out to help you.  As a job seeker, learn how you can make a lasting impression after an interview in the following post.

You have a killer resume and you feel like you aced the interview. If you want to maximize the positive impression that you leave following an interview, be sure to send a thank you note to the interviewer.

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Interview Follow up for Maximum Success

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Knowing When To Give Thanks During Your Job Search

CollegeRecruiter.comEven if you haven’t received any job offers yet, you should still be thankful this holiday season.  In the following post, learn why it is also important to thank the people who’ve been involved in your job search.

Thanksgiving — the time of year to we reflect and express our gratitude for the important things in life, like friends and family. But what about being thankful during the job search? Have you missed out on a unique opportunity to thank your potential employer? Effectively showing gratitude isn’t a problem for the

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Knowing When To Give Thanks During Your Job Search [INFOGRAPHIC]

Posted November 02, 2012 by

How To Use A “Thanksgiving” Cover Letter…

Jimmy Sweeney

Jimmy Sweeney, President of CareerJimmy

Hungry job seekers focus their cover letters on what they want, what they expect, and what they can do. Then they wait for the phone to ring to book an interview. That’s one way to approach the job search market.

Essential as these points are, however, they’re not nearly as effective as opening and closing a cover letter with two simple words—THANK YOU. (more…)

Posted June 19, 2012 by

Following Up After an Interview has Value

A thank you after an interview is not just appreciated, but helpful to your job search.

Job seekers may want to trade in their monogrammed letterhead for smartphones to thank potential employers for meeting with them. Eighty-seven percent of managers interviewed for an Accountemps survey said email is an appropriate way to express thanks after meeting with a hiring manager, and 81 percent cited phone calls as OK. But, say employers, save the texting for your friends. Only 10 percent of survey respondents take a positive view of text messages as a way to follow up.

No matter which communication method you choose, showing a little gratitude could give you an edge in your employment search, the survey suggests. Most respondents (91 percent) like being thanked by promising job candidates. (more…)

Posted November 08, 2011 by

Two “Magic Words” to open and close your cover letter with…

Everyone wants to be appreciated and acknowledged. That’s a fact. But it’s one that many job seekers forget about in their rush to write a cover letter that will impress a hiring manager with their talent and skill.

You can take a different route and get to the destination (a job interview) faster than anyone else by focusing on two magic words: THANK YOU. And you can make an even better impression if you open and close your cover letters with an expression of sincere gratitude. (more…)