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Are Career Fairs Still Important for College Recruiting? Other Strategies to Find the Best Talent

When it comes to college recruiting, you would think that college career fairs are a big factor in finding new hires.  However, this may not be the case for all companies.  Learn more, including other strategies to search for talent, in the following post.

Below are a few ways that companies can optimize their university recruiting strategies and build a stronger pipeline to recruit interns and new-grads: Discover the most difficult courses on campus and find the students who…

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Want to Enhance Your Resume When Searching Jobs for Recent College Graduates? Consider These 12 College Experiences

For students who want to capture the interest of potential employers when searching jobs for recent college graduates, consider these 12 college experiences to enhance your resumes in the following post.

We are long past the time when a college degree is all you need to get a job when you graduate. You need to show relevant experience… even if that experience didn’t come from the workplace, but from on-campus activities. Leadership roles, stints as campus ambassador, internships, and so many more

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Safety Tips for Studying Abroad

Glass globe on a book with study abroad in the background

Glass globe on a book with study abroad in the background. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

Studying abroad can be an exciting, one-of-a-kind experience. From immersing yourself in the local culture to expanding your education and making lifelong friends, the opportunities offered by studying in a foreign country are endless. If you plan on studying abroad, check out the following tips for staying safe and adjusting to your new surroundings. (more…)

Posted June 20, 2013 by

Private Tutors – Help your Child with their Education Guardianship

Teacher and student working together on a tablet and smiling

Tutor and student working together on a tablet and smiling. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

Everyone knows that private tutors are people who help students cope with school works and better understand subjects that they are struggling with. But other than that these basics, tutors can also counsel students with regards to making decisions about higher studies which they have to enter later on.

This means, your child can benefit more in the educational aspect if you will hire a private tutor for him or her. There is just so much to gain and they will have a big impact on his future too. (more…)

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Coming to America: International Students Continuing Education in the United States

While some American college students may consider going abroad to study, many international students are coming to the United States to do the same.  Learn more in the following infographic. (more…)

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Dazed and Confused – College Job Search

Been dazed and confused for so long, it’s not true.” – Jake Holmes

Career AlleyIn college on your “own”, trying to figure out midterms, finals, spring break, dealing with roommates, meal plans, rushes, finding time to party, etc. It’s a delicate balance. At some point (hopefully after 4 years unless you are on the “5 year plan”) it will all come to an end and you will need to find a job. Four years sounds like a really long time, but trust me, it will all be over before you know it. The last thing you need when you graduate, as you try to assimilate back to your parent’s house, is to linger on the unemployed line. College grads are finding it more difficult than ever to find jobs in their chosen field, and many have to resort to jobs that were traditionally filed by those without a college degree. Whether you are a freshman or a senior (or anywhere in between), there are lots of things you can do now (or should avoid doing) to improve your chances of getting a job when you graduate. (more…)

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Study Abroad Leadership Program Offers Students a Distinction to Help them Compete

College students, are you looking to become leaders of and have success in the global economy?

A college degree is getting more complex and critical than ever before. Gone are the days when just having a degree was the ticket.  A young student today needs to look ahead to what makes them standout candidates to potential employers. Places of higher learning such as the Swiss School of Management (SSM) , European University of Rome (Università Europea di Roma), are leading the trend in making study abroad leadership programs for students a viable option. (more…)