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Degrees to Watch Out For: Seven Fields that Are Hiring Now

Whether you’re graduating from high school or you’re an adult returning to school to improve your job prospects, you want to choose a program of study that will ensure you find a job after graduation. Let’s face it: majoring in art history or philosophy might be fascinating, but the chances of those programs leading to a lucrative and stable career are slim.

There are some majors that have excellent prospects for the next few years and are projected to be in high demand. That means that choosing one of these fields is more likely to get you a great job upon graduating and who doesn’t want that? (more…)

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33.6% of Recent High School Grads Not in College Are Unemployed

Bureau of Labor StatisticsIn October 2011, 68.3 percent of 2011 high school graduates were enrolled in
colleges or universities, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today.
Recent high school graduates not enrolled in college in October 2011 were more
likely than enrolled graduates to be working or looking for work (68.7 percent
compared with 38.8 percent).

Information on school enrollment and work activity is collected monthly in the
Current Population Survey (CPS), a nationwide survey of about 60,000 households
that provides information on employment and unemployment. Each October, a
supplement to the CPS gathers more detailed information about school enrollment,
such as full- and part-time enrollment status.

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13 Best Jobs for College Graduates

As college graduates prepare to enter the real world, they are hoping for a better job market to search for potential opportunities.  Hopefully, graduates will find positions in their respective fields.  According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, some areas are expected to flourish, leading to more jobs in this decade.  If you are a graduate who plans to work in one of the following fields, then your chances of getting a job look pretty good. (more…)

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Best Fields for 2012 Grads Are Accounting, Finance, Engineering, and Computer Science

As the economy continues to slowly improve, so do the prospects for entry-level job candidates who are expected to benefit from companies’ need to rebuild “bench strength” after cutting millions of workers during the recession. However, while this year’s crop of 1.7 million college graduates should fare slightly better than last year’s, the job market will remain fiercely competitive, according to a new outlook from global outplacement consultancy Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc.

The college graduates who are likely to have the most success are those with the flexibility to go wherever the jobs are and those seeking positions in the occupations expected to see the most growth over the next decade. Among the top fields are accounting and finance, engineering, computer science, sales and marketing, elementary education, and health care and social services. (more…)

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10 Best Accounting Firms to Work For: 2013 Rankings

Are you a college student or recent graduate looking for an accounting job and wondering which companies are among the best?  If so, you might be interested in’s list of the 10 best accounting firms to work for, ranked for 2013.  The results are based on a survey done earlier this year. (more…)

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College Graduate Jobs

Sonali Subhash

Sonali Subhash, Education Linked


Are you getting ready to graduate from college or considering a career change? Do you need a little help in getting started?


If you’re a college senior or a recent graduate who is still seeking employment, don’t panic! Surveys report that hiring is up from last year, with many employers plan on hiring more employees than in the past. (more…)

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Getting the Right Job or Doing the Job Right?

If You’re Not the Lead Dog, the Scenery Never Changes” – Lewis Grizzard


Career AlleyWhen I was in college I worked as a “runner” on Wall Street during the summer (yes, it was a very long time ago and no, I’m not referring to drugs). A fairly simple job of taking securities and other important documents from one financial institution to another (basically, a messenger). At the time I was 19 years old and this was my first non-fast food job. So the first day I get there and all of the “regulars” (you know, the guys who actually do this as their real job) are sitting around waiting for their first “assignment”. They were a lot older than I was at the time (in their 40′s). Anyway, I get my first assignment – to deliver a package to a financial institution that was about 10 minutes away. As I walk out of the door, one of the regulars pulls me aside and says “this delivery will take you about 15 minutes, but you need to make it last an hour, don’t come back before an hour has passed. Get it?” So I did as he said and took an hour (thinking I would get fired for being so slow), but the “manager” did not think it was unusual that it took me an hour. So long story short, these guys were just milking their messenger job for what it was worth trying to do the least work possible and succeeding (if you could really call that success). Clearly not the recipe for “starting in the mailroom and rising to become the CEO”.


There is a delicate balance in getting the right job and doing the job right. First step in looking for a new job is, obviously, getting the right job for you. But, like everything else in life, nothing is perfect and even the right job will have its warts. Today’s post will focus on getting the right job and making the most of the job you’ve got. (more…)

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Mozart meets MacGyver: Emerging Careers in Social Media

Sharon Jones

Sharon Jones of Career Thought Leaders

Part I (Content and Marketing)


Netpreneur Kevin Sproles created the online shopping cart in 1999 at the age of 16. He is founder and CEO of Volusion, an eCommerce company that helps retailers make more than $2 billion a year. Other young innovators are well known. Mark Zuckerberg began Facebook in his Harvard dorm room, and Jack Dorsey was a New York University dropout who developed the prototype for Twitter.


Mark Zuckerberg wore flip-flops and Jack Dorsey a nose ring when they first became prominent entrepreneurs. Not surprisingly, social media firms have distinctive corporate cultures. Facebook offers “baby cash” of $4,000 to new parents, 21 days of paid vacation and unlimited sick days. Twitter urges applicants to “JoinOurFlock,” and offers yoga and Pilate’s classes on-site. (more…)

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HR Manager Listed Among Best Jobs in 2012

As the job market continues to improve, you might wonder which jobs are doing well.  Find out some of the best (and worst) jobs in 2012, according to one source.


Professions that provide us with our news – Newspaper Reporter and Broadcaster – ranked among the worst jobs in the nation, according to the new 2012 Jobs Rated Report. Lumberjacks, who work on the hottest and coldest days in a highly dangerous occupation with a low salary and a history of high unemployment, were rated as having the worst job in the nation. (more…)

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How Returning Veterans Can Add Value for Tech Employers

Technology employers may want to consider returning veterans as candidates to fill their needs.


With the Iraq War over and the Afghanistan conflict winding down, military veterans face the transition back into civilian life. The industry posed to benefit most from the veterans’ skill set is the tech sector.


Many tech bloggers and industry professionals think veterans are actually the perfect hire in technology fields because they have strong technologic backgrounds in some of the industry’s hottest needs, including: (more…)