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Posted August 12, 2006 by

Starbucks, Coffee, and Entry-Level Jobs

I bet I know what you are thinking: how great would it be to work at place where I can get all the discounted coffee that I want!! Does this sound like you? Okay, first, I want to say lay off the coffee, just a tad, and second, let’s help you do something about this…aspiration?
Again, I say utilize the tool I touted before, Hcareers, hopefully that will be of some use. If not, let’s try a different tactic. How about going right to the official website of the company ( that is bound to produce some areas of interest to potential Starbucks entry-level job employees. In fact it actually does and I find it the most direct tactic to take in searching for Starbucks entry-level jobs or any job within the company. We find again handy search tools, nice pictures, graphics and even a career center sponsored on the website. Interestingly, Starbucks hosts internships throughout the summer as well as recruiting events and provides a section on “retail careers.”
The website actually is very good at giving you a feel for the company as it highlights its impact on the world in a section entitled ‚Äúsocial responsibility‚Äù to build community and equality, while also having a press room and a list of international stores. It‚Äôs a big Starbucks love fest, but it is interesting at any rate. I say rummage around the site, read up on the company (something any job seeker should do anyway) and then check out some of the Starbucks entry-level jobs listed where you currently reside. If the amount of stores around the world is any indication, there should be a way for all interested parties to find a Starbucks entry-level job somewhere in the neighborhood and stock up on all those coffee discounts. (Obviously, I have no clue whether you actually will get discounts–so don’t quote me).